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November 2011

Houston Health Museum Hosts ‘RACE: Are We So Different?’

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Houston is one of America’s most diverse cities. To travel the city can be like traveling to see cultures from across the world. One can enjoy an endless variety of foods, music, dancing and cultural identities made by people from virtually any corner of the globe.

A great part of this experience is learning what makes the various people’s of the world so similar.

Now you can view this first-hand at RACE: Are We So Different?, an exhibit at the Health Museum of Houston now through January 1, 2012.

22nd Annual Native American Pow Wow Comes to Houston

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The 22nd Annual Texas Championship Pow Wow takes place November 12 and 13 at Traders Village in Houston.

This two-day Native American pow wow features representatives from dozens of tribes across the country and is a celebration of rich culture and heritage.

Witness colorful tribal dance contests, arts and crafts shows, a tipi village, singing and much more as you learn about these various traditions.