Mischer - Planned Communities, Residential and Commercial Developer

December 2013

Mischer Development Delivers Cypress Creek Lakes Donations to Star of Hope

Mischer Development organized a donation drive this holiday season in Cypress Creek Lakes for the Star of Hope. This week, representatives from Mischer and Cypress Creek Lakes delivered the donations to the Star of Hope. Development Services Coordinator Ted Johnson accepted the donations and gave the group a tour of their transitional living facility.

Mischer Development Wins 2014 National Award from the National Association of Home Builders

The Naitonals 2014, National Association of Home Builders

Mischer Development has been listed among the nation's best by the National Association of Home Builders.

Mischer has received a Silver Award in The Nationals 2014 presented by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for their new television commercial series for Cypress Creek Lakes. The commercials were created by Boe Creative Services and Zen Film. In addition to the commercials, the pair also created a full length marketing video for Cypress Creek Lakes, which is available on the Mischer You Tube channel.