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Have a Homemade Halloween!

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Halloween is a fun American tradition, unfortunately, big box stores have over commercialized it along with every other holiday. Make this year’s Halloween a homemade one, that will create memories for years to come. The basics are pumpkins, costumes, candy and crafts.

Pumpkins are the staple of Halloween. Carving them, toasting their seeds in the oven, and getting to gross out the kids with “pumpkin guts”. Instead of using pre-made templates have the whole family participate in creating a few original ones. While the grown ups and older children carve and gut the pumpkins, have the little ones sort through the guts and separate out the seeds. It’s a fun and gross task they will love. Rinse the seeds, then salt and toast them on a cookie sheet in the oven at 325 for 25 minutes for tasty treat.

The next ghoulishly great aspect of Halloween are the costumes from a walking pumpkin, a spider princess, or an adorable spring chicken.... the homemade possibilities are endless. For the adults the fun also continues here, a simple mustache on a stick or an elaborate monster costume. How-to’s and costume patterns can be found in craft stores or online .

Once the basics of pumpkins and costumes are under way the detailed fun of crafts and candy can begin! Let the wee ones decorate their trick or treat bags with reflective tape turned into hauntingly fun shapes like spider webs and ghosts. Have the older children make “candy people” to pass out to trick-or-treaters or party guests. A simple decoration is paper mice cut out and placed around the house for a creepy feel.

These ideas and many more enchanting ideas can be found on Martha Stewart’s Omnipedia.