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Home Grown Pie Filling- Blueberries

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Although I have never been known to have a green thumb, when my five year old asked if we could have our own garden, I felt a parental obligation to make it happen. As we talked about all the things we might like to grow, I had a flashback to my childhood and filling buckets with berries that grew wild on our back fence. We had so much fun picking them, and we would devour a whole bowl in one sitting at our kitchen table.

I did a little research, and was happy to find out that blueberries are pretty easy to grow in this southern region. Before we bought the plants, I did a little more reading to see what they would require to thrive. Here is what I found:

  • Blueberries are not so picky about their soil, but their roots cannot tolerate sitting in water, so make sure they are in an area with good drainage.
  • They need stability, so plant them in an area with a little protection from high winds, like against a fence or near a wall that shelters them from the weather.
  • Choose a variety that doesn’t have stickers to keep your little gardener's fingers safe.
  • To get the best harvest, avoid trimming or fertilizing. They grow easily in the wild because they like to trail freely. The only thing they will need is occasional watering with our blazing hot summers.

According to my little guy, all plants need to grow is dirt, water, sunshine and love. I love how we actually found something we can grow together that fit those simple parameters. The first time you look out your kitchen window and find your child admiring the vines, you know you have created a lasting memory!