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Houston Bests Silicon Valley in Tech Sector Job Growth

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A report by CyberCoders, the recruiting firm and worldwide leader in tracking employment trends in the high-tech sector, states that Houston lead the country in the growth of technology jobs over the past two years.

Houston posted a remarkable 149% growth in tech jobs over that time. Coming in second place was San Jose, California, the hub of Silicon Valley, with a 100% growth. Philadelphia, Dallas, and San Fransisco rounded out the top five.

"We were very intrigued by the findings, especially the fact that Houston beat San Jose for new technology job growth in 2011,” said Heidi Golledge, CEO and co-founder of CyberCoders of the report. “Houston has always been a city rich in energy jobs, but we are now seeing that the demand for new and clean energy has helped fuel the growth in Houston’s tech sector as well.”

Among the tech jobs that show rapid growth in Houston’s are .NET developers, Sharepoint developers, and process engineers. Furthermore, the city has seen a growth in jobs related to the tech sector including business analysts, administrative assistants and financial analysts. This means that the growth of the tech sector is having a strong impact on the city’s overall economy.

While Silicon Valley retains a strong lead on the number of overall tech jobs, Houston’s sharp growth provides a reason for optimism.

Among the potential factors fueling the growth are a far lower cost of living in Houston compared to Northern California, and the rise in tech jobs through the energy industry as these companies seek more modern solutions to meet energy needs."