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Montrose Art Gallery Presents Exhibit of Emerging New Masters

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Have you been to many of Houston’s art shows and think you’ve seen all there is to see? Think again, because a new generation of highly-skilled artists are now on display. 

Wade Wilson Art presents a special exhibit: On the Edge of New: New Paintings by New Artists, now through December 31.

On the Edge of New includes works by promising young artists Justin Garcia, Felipe Lopez, Winston Lee Mascarenhas, Deborah Porter, Cheryl Schubert, Nazar Yahya.

Wade Wilson Art normally displays artists in the mid to mature stages of their careers.  This special exhibit is an opportunity to nurture artists who are new to the Houston scene or just hitting their stride as emerging major artists.

Imagine purchasing a piece by a a poor, unknown Picasso, or going to a Hamburg nightclub in 1961 and seeing some shaggy-haired band called the Beatles.  Who knows, this may be your opportunity to witness a truly remarkable artist before they become a household name.

Regular hours are 11 AM to 5 PM Tuesday through Saturday.

Entrance to this exhibit is free.

Wade Wilson Art is located at 4411 Montrose, in Houston.


For more information please call (713) 521‑2977 or visit www.wadewilsonart.com.