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Now is a Great Time to Buy a Home in Cypress, Sugar Land, and Richmond, Texas.

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According to HoustonFacts.org, now is the time to buy. Unlike the booming years where the sellers were the ones in control; today the buyers are calling the shots. All the components are in a buyer’s favor. Homes are competitively priced, interest rates are lower, and sellers are willing to negotiate.

"If my neighbor sold his house for $250,000 six months ago, why should I have to settle for $225,000 today?"

Attempting to regain this loss could cost more in the long run because it’s not so much a loss on the current home as it is a discount on the new, upgraded home. When the market comes back on an upswing, the new home’s value will increase, greater than the value of the original home. Purchasing a home has tax benefits and is usually one of the best financial investments. The national average of appreciation is between 5 to 6 percent, meaning every 13 years the value of a home doubles.

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