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Re-Purpose a Room for Entertaining this Summer

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A spare room in your home can easily be made into a space to entertain. With the growing popularity of media rooms and home gyms, making the call to transform an unused home office or formal dining is made even easier thanks to the floor plans used in the majority of today’s suburban homes.

Home theaters are no longer a luxury found only in celebrity cribs, and with so many new compact electronics on the market it takes very little work to turn a bedroom or unused space/room into a cozy cinematic viewing area.

For a seamless look, a contractor can remove sections of drywall and conceal all of the surround sound and component wires. You may even want to consider having the contractor place soundproofing inside the walls before replacing the drywall. This will allow people in other parts of the home to continue enjoying peace and quite and at the same time boost the audio experience of the home theater.

Not ready to tear down your walls for the love of George Lucas? Most home electronics stores offer products to help consolidate and camouflage wires, or you can opt to hide wires along the corners of the floor or under the carpet.

If a large scale conversion is not in your budget, there is certainly nothing wrong with a fresh coat of paint, a sectional, ottoman, and a flat screen TV.

Another popular use for a larger unused room is a game room. Every family has at least one game they enjoy playing together, from billiards or ping pong to darts and poker. Make sure to include at least one area with a bistro or bar table to allow visitors to sit, snack and watch the action.

As fun as a home theater or game room may sound, some active families may decide the best extra use of space would be to create a home gym. Just make sure the room is large enough to accommodate a three foot walk space around the perimeter of the room between the outer wall and gym apparatus. If there is a closet, make sure to utilize that space to conceal free weights and exercise equipment.

Many families have already chosen to go one of these routes to preserve their living rooms as a place of socializing and conversation. Not only does an entertainment room give your family more usable square footage, it can also be a major plus when listing your home for sale!