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Spring Cleaning Tips for the Home

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March is definitely “in like a lion” with warm winds signaling a refreshing change of seasons, but the harsh winter months may have been hard on your home's exterior.

Although it’s not quite time to redo the flower beds or make dramatic landscape changes, you can definitely bring a little life back to your home this weekend by freshening up the porch and entryway.

One way to stay on top of your home’s esthetic appeal, and protect your investment, is to look at it from the curb, as if you are a stranger considering it for purchase. Perform cosmetic repairs first, which will protect your monetary investment and then focus on adding a little something special to the home’s curb appeal.

Next, flank the front door with large, matching planters filled with easy to maintain greenery such as large foxtail ferns. Then you can plant a colorful seasonal flower around the base where it can easily be changed as necessary.

Finally, put a fresh coat of paint or wood polish/stain on the front door and pressure wash the brick or breezeway. A clean entry, free of spider webs and dead bugs is much more inviting for your summer guests!